Brittany and Jean-Baptiste: Rustic, French Wedding

Brittany and Jean-Baptiste’s wedding was such a joy to be a part of.  The bride’s family home on Nolin Lake provided a lush and beautiful backdrop for the day.  From elements of the groom’s French heritage and the bride’s Kentucky upbringing, to their current life in New York, the couple put truly personal touches everywhere.   For floral design, we started with the bride’s love for lavender roses and added in varying shades of purple flowers to really pop against the greenery of the setting.

I had an amazing time working with the couple’s family and friends to help bring the couple’s vision to life.  Special thanks to my sweet friend and wonderful photographer Katherine Jury for sharing these beautiful images with me.  I feel I should also give honorable mention to the groomsmen for their lovely French rendition of Happy Birthday to me as I pinned boutonnieres.  I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend my birthday!

Thank you so much to Brittany and Jean-Baptiste.  It was such an honor to be a part of your day!

**Also, working on your birthday is about a million times easier when you have a view like this all day**

Photography and Invitation Suite: Katherine Jury / Illustrated Map: Kaitlin Marshall




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